about Hanne

My interest for paper started in 1995, where I dedicated a year working with Birgit Østergaard in her business ART PAPER. Here I learnt how to produce handmade paper professionally out of all different sorts of plantfibers such as straw, cotton, abaca, eucalyptus, nettle, dandelion, coconut fibres, reed, seaweed…….

I became acquainted with the “hollander”, the hydraulic press, a big paper press, copies of historic paper frames in sizes from A6 to A2 and many other special tools. This was the beginning of a passionate interest to research what can be done with paper. It can be used as writing paper of course, in art, in sculptures, in books, paper lamps, room dividers, origami, pop up, decoration and decor.

I have since both taught in paper making and bookbinding – both traditional bound books and bookart. Since then it has been a challenge for me to create a workshop which is simple and yet professional that I can teach children as well as adults in the art of paper making – and working with paper in different means.
It is possible for me to visit different places, as I also have a mobile workshop.

I have my own studio at Midgaard in the Nederlands, a studio which is situated in beautiful surroundings in the middle of a forest. At Midgaard I find a lot of the materials I use. It is also an area where various paper mills can be found. A lovely, peaceful place for a course with al the necessary facilities.


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